Healthy hair growth: The importance of lecithin to healthy hair growth

The importance of lecithin to healthy hair growth

Out of all the compounds that proved their efficacy against hair loss and that stimulate hair growth, lecithin is one of the important ones. But what is lecithin exactly and why does it do so much good for the hair? Well, for starters, both plants and animals synthesize lecithin and it is a key building block of the membranes inside and outside of every cell.

The lecithin in hair care products, like ’63’ shampoo and ’43’ conditioner from Rekze Laboratories, is beneficial for thin, dry and brittle hair. This compound is particularly important for a healthy hair growth and it helps to break down fats and keeping hair cells from oxidating. Lecithin is comprised of B vitamins, such as choline and insitol and it is a fat-like substance called a phospholipid.

It helps achieve a healthy looking, shinny hair with a silky touch. Lecithin improves the structural qualities of the hair and it helps restoring the natural protective coating of hair. Lecithin counteracts the effects aging has on hair and supports the hair regrowth and regeneration as well as replenishes and improves hair deep in the inner shaft. This results in healthy looking, supple and shiny hair.

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