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Temporary or Permanent? Coping With Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Hair loss is one of the most difficult things to cope with especially to people who are very particular about the appearance. But this doesn’t mean that one should give up his or her life just because he or she lost the crowning glory! The best way that people can go about hair loss is […]

Hair Loss Emotional Effects – Confidence despite Hair Loss

Many people are confident in handling themselves in front of other people because they are satisfied with the way they look. But for people who are experiencing hair loss, being confident in front of others can be a difficult thing. This is because they cannot help but think that the people they are dealing with […]

TOP 4 Causes Of Hair Loss

TOP 4 Causes Of Hair Loss Surveys say that one of the things that make people lose their confidence is hair loss. This is because many people cannot be confident in front and even around with others knowing that these people are openly staring into his or her bald spots. Experts say that hair loss […]

Hair loss: Why to see a dermatologist?

Is your hair thinning? You notice more hair on your pillow or in the sink than usually? Your scalp is more visible? You have patchy hair loss, peeling of the scalp or redness? Then you should make an appointment to a dermatologist! We’ve recommended more than once seeking a professional advice. WHY? Firstly, because there […]

Hair loss after childbirth – is this normal?

How to take care of your thinning hair, post childbirth Hair loss after childbirth: If you are a new mom experiencing hair loss after childbirth, you should know two essential facts about the problem you are facing: firstly, hair thinning and hair loss after childbirth is absolutely normal, secondly, this is only a temporary condition, so you […]

Hair Loss Shampoo: The Benefits of a Hair Loss Shampoo

The Benefits of a Hair Loss Shampoo: Premature hair loss can affect a person’s confidence and this is why many people look for a way to try and slow down the rate of hair loss that they are experiencing. There are a number of different hair loss products available on the market but the first […]

Top Best Home Remedies For Hair Loss

Home Remedies For Hair Loss: It is common for people to lose strands of their hair especially when it is wet or when they comb it very often. But some hair fall is needed so new hair strands can replace it. The average number of hair strands someone loses a day is around a hundred. […]