How do you wash your hair after a hair transplant?

Hair transplant can be a delicate procedure, and the scalp needs to be treated gently after the surgery. A proper care of the hair and scalp after a transplant may improve the results and even promote a faster hair growth.

An essential part of hair grooming after a transplant is a proper hair washing. Hair washing is important to keep the scalp healthy and help the hair grafts to thrive. Washing not only that cleans the area, nu it also prevents infections and speeds the healing process.

The first days after the hair transplant you should carefully follow the instructions and recommendations of your doctor. After day 7 or, in some cases, day 10, you can already start to wash your hair the way you normally do.
When washing your hair after a transplant make sure you do not put too much pressure, and use circular motions over the area.

Use a gentle shampoo and avoid rubbing

Shampoo can be applied the way you used to prior to the transplant. However, make sure you use a gentle shampoo to clean the area. The 63 shampoo from REKZE Laboratories is a perfect match as it is free from the harsh chemicals that are the current and leading cause of many chronic hair conditions, and help maintaining the delicate hair follicles of the scalp in their healthiest possible state. 63 shampoo is a premium product that uses a careful selection of the highest quality raw materials and ingredients to create a unique and effective product for a healthy scalp and hair. 63 is a anti-hair loss & hair growth stimulating shampoo that promotes thicker and healthier hair.

When applying it use a light touch to disperse the shampoo, and avoid rubbing. Rinse gently, and try to avoid strong water pressure. When drying hair pat your scalp with a soft towel.

Before you start any daily cleansing routine for your scalp and hair, wait until your doctor advises you to do so. As causes for hair loss vary, the same thing happens with hair transplants. Not all hair transplant recipients, need the same kind of post-hair transplant care, so it is important to ask about specific instructions for after the transplant care.


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